What's BoA

Affiliate MLM

High reduction affiliate

This is an expensive remuneration system that will give you profits up to 30% of referral user's consumption coming from your affiliate link.Casino profit share bonus will also be paid.

Exclusive agreement

An exclusive agreement with affiliated bookmaker "Sugar Gaming" on attracting customers made it possible to return profits to BoA members with favorable conditions.A contract with favorable terms with bookmakers is a great business opportunity.

MLM Bonus

Automatic organization of binaries can be organized without inviting acquaintance.Direct introduce can get recover the initial cost with two people introduction.The binary bonus can receive stable reward with a high margin setting of 30%.

Information distribution

Distribute capture information and statistical information when sports betting is done in book maker.Other cash back campaign and something like deals are also delivered.

A book maker is a site that can bet real money on the results of winning and losing sports and games (online casino games). Sports covers major events such as baseball, soccer, tennis etc. You can play with smartphone or PC anytime, anywhere.


High reward in introduce and play!?

It is ok with one mobile phone.

Everyone can join if there is one mobile or PC.

Playing and increasing money!?

Because bookmakers bet money, there is a possibility that funds will increase while playing.

Friends increase = reward UP

Even if you are not a BoA member, let's invite friends to a bookmaker. Consumption of users invite will give you profits.

Huge rewards

In addition to direct introduction of BoA, binary bonus plus bookmakers affiliate fee and deposit is become a massive.

Affiliate MLM of topic Bookmaker in Japan!

It is a great business opportunity.



Monthly dues ¥4,980

Affiliate fee : 10%

Referral Bonus class 2

Binary Bonus10%

Sugargaming Deposit Bonus 20%

Mailmagazine delivery


Monthly dues ¥9,800

Affiliate fee : 20%

Referral Bonus class 5

Binary Bonus20%

Sugargaming Deposit Bonus 30%

Mailmagazine delivery


Q & A

How can I join?

Fill out the necessary information from the application page and apply for the application procedure.

Are there seminars and explanatory meetings?

We are holding from time to time.Even if the date and time do not match, you can receive explanation by individual, so please contact us.

What are the differences between the three plans?

The referral fee, the spit rate of the binary bonus, and the return rate of the affiliate are different.As BoA, definitely recommend the Premium plan.

What does it cost?

There are Monthly dues and monthly membership fee.Entry fee and monthly fee are different depending on each plan.For details, refer to the following cost list.

What is the payment method?

It is a credit card transaction.Settlement with a debit card is also possible.Monthly membership fee will be settled for the current month on the 10th of every month.Monthly membership fee for the registration month is not required.

When is the day of remuneration?

The direct introduction fee is paid at month-end closing, next month-end payment.The binary bonus is month-end closing, next month-10 payment (site 40 days).Affiliate fee is same tightening payment as binary bonus's payment day.

Can I confirm Rewards?

We will prepare my page, and you can check the organization of compensation and Down organization.

How should I present an invite?

It is possible to send an introduction mail from my page.When registration is completed from the Email, it is made to understand who the introduction is with the system.If you are not good at explaining, please take me a seminar or briefing. I will explain.

Is there a condition to receive compensation?

It is necessary to deposit 10,000 JPY or more to the site of affiliated "Sugar Gaming" at least once.

Is bookmaker safe?

Bookmakers' operating enterprises are able to play with peace of mind as they operate with clearer license conditions.


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